Should Men Dye Their Gray Hair?

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There’s a huge gray area when it comes to the topic of, well, going gray, especially among men.

Certain celebrities have owned up to covert coloring — Matt LeBlanc admitted that he dyed his hair the entire time he was on “Friends.” Others, like Anderson Cooper, have embraced the sophisticated status derived from a platinum ‘do. And then there are the “silver foxes” of the world like George Clooney, gray since his 30s, who are proud of their salt-and-pepper hair (and put the gray in GREAT!).

Many men think to themselves, “Why bother?” It tends to look laughably bad when guys continue to color their hair, despite the deep wrinkles carved into their face. Maybe it’s sexist, but men and women weren’t created equal when it comes to pulling off dyed hair.

The Modern Man looked at this issue in great detail and had this to say about what women really think when you dye your hair:

  • You don’t even know what women find attractive about men
  • You lack self confidence
  • You’re not comfortable with yourself
  • You hide behind appearances
  • You’re embarrassed about your age

According to Dan Bacon, a dating and relationship expert, hair dye isn’t the answer to getting women to like you, love you, and want to stay with you for life. To be the man that women want, you need to approach the topic of dying your gray hair in a more authentic way.

Just For Men has an entire range of men’s hair and beard dye, from a full-color cover-up to a line called “Touch of Gray” that only adds a hint of color “for the man who wants the respect that gray hair commands, but wants to show his vitality.” Clearly, there is a debate over whether or not to dye.

Women are not shallow in the ways they are portrayed in TV commercials and will only truly find you attractive if you can be the man they yearn to have by their side. Here are some of the things that women won’t overlook, regardless if your hair is dyed with the latest men’s hair dye, if you are wearing an expensive designer shirt or the latest cologne.

  1. Low self esteem
  2. Mental and emotional weakness
  3. Lack of charisma
  4. Lack of ambitions and an indifferent approach to life

So, to answer my initial question of “Should Men Dye Their Gray Hair?” It really is a personal choice. But the key thing here is that hair dye doesn’t mean you have to live with that color the rest of your life – your hair will continue to grow (hopefully, but if it doesn’t see my other article on balding). Talk to your barber and they can tell you a color that looks natural for you. Give gray blending a in the color your barber suggests and see if it’s right for you. Many of the dyes for men’s hair is semi-permanent, meaning it will wash out before it has a chance of growing out. If you like it get a touch up every few weeks, otherwise, embrace your gray.