Pomade – Rock the Coolest Hairstyle

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Are you a fan of the latest hairstyles like pompadours, undercuts, quiffs, or the ducktail? Then pomade is exactly what you need for that look. Shun all your gels, waxes, and hairsprays and use pomade to have a great hairstyle.

A pomade, such as Chad Michael Styling Grease, keeps your hair from getting really stiff, which allows you to restyle your hair as needed. It offers a medium to strong hold and is gentle on your hair.

Chad Michael Styling Grease is a water based pomade and is extremely easy to wash out just like gels. You just have to rinse it once and you can get rid of it without using high detergent shampoo that could damage your hair.

Applying just a small amount of this pomade will make your hair stay the way you style it for an entire day. If you apply it on dry hair, it tends to give a stronger holding power than when it is used on damp hair. However, using a little water you can keep restyling your hair the entire day. This means that even if it rains and your hair gets a little wet, your hair will remain the same as you style after it dries.

Who doesn’t like shiny hair? Most pomades makes your hair look like you just dipped your head in oil, so it can be a little repelling for some. The shine is according to the amount you apply on your hair and easily washes out unlike other pomades.  The Chad Michael Styling Clay is a product for you that makes your hair look natural and healthy with a matte finish.

This was a short overview of Chad Michael’s Styling Grease, however the Chad Michael line also includes a gel, cream, and clay for different hair types and styling needs. Buy one today to rock the coolest hairstyle of your time and the time to come – available on Amazon.com and Chad Michael’s own website.