Hometown Barber Goes National

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Hometown Barber

Hometown Barber, Chad Michael, has launched a new line of hair styling products that carries his name. His new product line has been used exclusively in his own barbershop up until now and will soon be distributed in boutique barbershops and salons throughout the country.

Chad has been a barber for nearly 20 years and has seen his share of different products during that time.  He has worked with one of the top cosmetic labs in the US over the last 3 years perfecting his formulas for each hair type and style. The Chad Michael products include classic pomade, styling clay, styling cream, and styling gel as well as a professional shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. All products are proprietary and made with the highest quality ingredients with a signature fragrance that is clean and refreshing. They are all water based and wash out easily.

When asked about his branding Chad replied, “Over the years I have developed a very trusted customer base and with so many products out on the market today I felt that it was important to let the customers know that I completely back the product. I decided the best way to do that was to not only put my name on it, but also my signature.”

With the boom in men’s grooming products over the past several years there have been many brands that have emerged on the scene. Chad’s aim in creating his new brand is to provide a high quality product that is luxurious to use.

As a barber, Chad has always been very involved with the community and giving back at every opportunity. Whether it be sponsoring local little baseball teams, High School wrestling teams, or those families who have someone close to them suffering from cancer he has been there to provide support.  “It is very important to me to be part of the community and to help out where I can. I am lucky to have such great customers and it is really the best way for me to say thank you to all of them.”

Chad Michael has recently been accepted as a member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). “We are very proud to be a member of the Professional Beauty Association. It demonstrates our commitment to excellence in our segment of the industry,” said Chad.

The line will be debuted at this year’s Premiere Orlando Show in June. Chad and his staff will be there demonstrating the line and providing complimentary haircuts and hair styles in their booth. “We are very excited about the show,” says Chad, “I have been using these products on my customers for a while now, they all love it, and I am looking forward to personally introducing other professionals in the industry to my new line of products.”