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Hair Obsession

When we think of someone fussing over their hair, using the right products, getting the right cut, and styling it the right way – we tend to think of women as the typical culprits. However, the last several years has seen the trend of fussing over ones hair move from a typical female concern to that of a man’s obsession. More and more men are swapping time looking up their favorite sports stats at lunchtime and opting to look for a better styling pomade or conditioning treatment for their hair’s needs.

An article cites that “2015 is the first year that there has been more interest in men’s hair than women’s hair on Google (by around 6%).” The market for men’s hair care is rapidly expanding. More on the Google report can be found here. Esquire reports that the influx of interest for men’s styling trends started with the dawn of the “man bun” by the same folks that brought the beard back into fashion – like Jared Leto, Harry Styles, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Esquire goes on to talk about another trend, specifically for the West coast, albeit more slow-and-steady than the man bun: the comb-over, which it seems to be Californian’s preferred term for the standard side part.

The Wall Street Journal reported that more and more young men are obsessed with their hair. The Wall Street Journal article also cited the Google Grooming Report that Esquire cited.

“This generation of men—on all aspects of how they are taking care of themselves—is caring much more than previous generations,” says Rob Candelino, vice president of marketing for hair care at Unilever, whose brands include Axe, Dove Men+Care and Suave.

Men’s shampoos and conditioners, along with styling gels, creams, and waxes, are driving growth of men’s personal-care products. More than half of men purchased a hair-styling product in the past 12 months, according to a January 2016 report on a survey of 963 adult men by market-research firm Mintel. Nearly three-quarters of men in the 18-to-34 age range made such a purchase.

An interesting point statistic that the Wall Street Journal article also brought up was that many of the newly obsessed young men don’t like to browse drugstore aisles and prefer to go to professional hair salons to buy their styling products. The article did make any assumptions as to why this is occurring, but it suggests that men want quality over cost – or is it that they don’t want to be caught spending too much time in the hair care aisle by someone they know…