Get The Exact Haircut You Want

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Get The Exact Haircut You WantHumans are creatures of habit. Once we find a barber that we like we’ll return to that same barber time and time again. It’s not only because we like the service they provide but also because it helps not having to re-explain your desired style to a new person each time you get your hair cut. A good barber will recognize one of their cuts and what it looks like after growing out after several weeks – they’ll also know what to do to get you back to the original design without much hassle on your part.

But what happens when your usual barber is on vacation or no longer with the shop? Your instinct may be to put off the cut until they return, but then you remember you have that important meeting at work tomorrow or a first date on Friday night and you cannot put off your cut any longer. You sit in another barber’s chair and hope they don’t screw your look up. That is a legitimate concern, but with a little due diligence on your end you can convey the necessary information to the other barber to get the same cut you always have.

The easiest thing you can do is to bring a picture or selfie of yourself that shows your last cut when it was still fresh. This is a perfect way to show the new barber what you are going after. Or did you copy your look from a celebrity picture you found in a magazine? Bring in that snip-it of the picture to show the barber. They should know how to apply the same cut to your hair type.

The barber may ask some follow-up questions like, “how long do you want your sideburns”, or “do you prefer the back to be tapered, rounded, or squared?” Knowing these details will insure that you get the cut and style you want. Saying “whatever you think looks best” maybe different than what your normal barber prefers and you run the risk of getting something you don’t like as much. Pay attention to these details and if you don’t know – ASK!

Often the final question your barber will ask before they snap off the cape is “what product do you use?” This question is important because it’s often followed by a tutorial on how to properly style your freshly snipped hair. Meaning that, if you aren’t honest, you’re going to have to blindly figure it out on your own the next time you’re getting ready.