Balding, It’s Not The End

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We all fear the day when we find our hair clogging the shower drain or our partner points out the light spot at the crown of our head. Balding is one of the most horrifying things a man can endure. But you don’t need to give up all hope and shave it all off and become a Mr. Clean lookalike. Today there are many options available to men with thinning hair to either help slow the loss of follicles as well as reverse the trend.

  • FDA-Approved Hair Loss Treatments. Three options exist in this category: Rogaine, Propecia, and low-level laser therapy. Rogaine can be obtained over-the-counter and must be used for as long as you want gains, becuase if you stop using it all hair that came back or didn’t fall out will be lost. Propecia is a popular option that requires a doctor’s prescription, but can also cause erectile dysfunction (ED). Low-level laser therapy is the new kid on the block and can be done at home or a doctor’s office. Laser therapy takes longer to achieve the same results as topical solutions or medication.
  • Hair restoration surgery. This is a serious option that costs lots of money and can be painful since it involves removing hair plugs from one part of your body to another. Make sure you do your research to find a reputable doctor to avoid odd looking or infected plugs.
  • Hair thickening shampoos. Thickening shampoos and conditioners have ingredients that¬†attach to each individual hair shaft and expand the diameter. This effect multiplied over the entire head can drastically change the appearance of your hair, especially if you just started thinning and still have some hair covering most of your scalp. It will make the thinning hairs that may be on their last legs to also appear thicker. Avalon Organics makes the most popular thickening products used by men.
  • Change your hairstyle. Talk to your barber about your thinning hair and they can suggest some different styles to minimize the appearance of your bald spot. A buzz cut is popular for muscular men, the high and tight is another. Shorter hair goes farther to hiding thinning hair then longer hair which tends to get lay down under its own weight and emphasize any balding areas. Comb overs aren’t fooling anyone.
  • Grow a beard. A beard helps draw the eyes away from your balding head, like Prince William did.

prince william

Above are some of the options that are available to the modern man. But if you take only one thing away from this article, just remember that a comb over like Don Rickles had in the 1970s is not an acceptable option – EVER!